June 2, 2012

Among the things you hoped for

My runs lately have been sporadic, and no more than 3 miles each. I could easily have run Thursday and Friday, but didn't. It was cool with scattered showers, and I could have run between the rain (or even in the rain). Didn't happen. I let my emotions over being done with the interviews + not believing I'd get the job I really want take hold.

Today I decided I needed to run, regardless. I knew it would make me feel better, simply because I was out doing something. I was right. I ran 4 miles instead of 3, mainly because if I DO get the job I really want I'll be running 4.5 miles to and from work most days, and I have to get into the proper shape to do that. I'm planning to succeed, even though I still don't really believe it will happen. I have to be ready just in case.

Shortly after I got home, I received an email from a staffing agency congratulating me on my new position. This is the agency that may or may not have submitted my resume without telling me for the QA position. I haven't heard from Hyland Software about that job (nor any company about any job), and wonder what mistake was made that I received this email. Was it supposed to go out Monday, or was it not supposed to go to me?

I'm going with "should have gone out Monday" and am now figuring out how to make that position work for me, while still holding out hope the Clinic will want me. The QA position is the one an hour away, where I may or may not be expected to work overtime on a regular basis. If I don't work the overtime, I will not make the money I want. The plus side is, once training is over I can flex my start time a bit. I can either come in earlier or later to miss traffic. I figure I can do my runs on lunch, though I won't be getting 9-10 miles in that way. I might go in early, run on lunch, then run again after work to miss traffic coming home. I don't know yet if I can work through lunch in order to leave earlier. If that were the case, I'd run longer after work.

Funny, what's important to me here.

I have another week before I can contact someone about the Clinic position. Or rather, they told me I could expect to hear something in 2 weeks, and it's only been one. I think I will contact the person I spoke with, should I get an offer, to see if I can speed things up a little. I'm also wondering if I should hold off on starting any new position. Monkey Boy comes home on the 11th for a week. It was supposed to be for 2 weeks, but he couldn't get the leave. I'd like to spend time with him while he's here. Using him as an excuse could also give the Clinic the time it needs to decide they want to interview/hire me. All I really need is the time to get the interview in. They can take all the time they need deciding to hire me, after.

It's a fine line, isn't it?
UPDATE: Four hours later I received another email from the staffing agency, indicating the original email was sent in error due to "system maintenance issues." Ah well. Not like I'm out of the running on any of these, yet.

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