June 8, 2012

I'm not obsessive

Even though I know they will email me when my status changes, I check Cleveland Clinic's job site daily to make sure they haven't kicked me out of the running. I currently have 3 applications under review, though I've only heard back about the system administrator one.

I found this site today, and have been working and reworking my budget ever since.

Turns out I can afford either health care OR 401K. Not both.

I've also been working and reworking where and when I'm going to run. I thought for a minute parking several miles away from work was the answer, until I googled the area. No sidewalks except on the main road, which is busy and fast. Very few trees. Industrial, which makes me nervous.

I'm not a big fan of hopping out of bed and heading straight out to run, but I'm leaning toward just that. I'm even less a fan of heading right back out the door after I get home, and running after a full day at work. I still don't know what time my day starts, but if I have to be at work by 8 my morning would look like this:
5:45 - wake up, pee, dress, get coffee started
6:00 - head out the door for 4-5 miles
7:00 - absolute latest I can be back from my run. I can eat breakfast and drink coffee in the car on the way in, and I don't do makeup or blow-dry my hair. All I really need time for is a shower and to throw my clothes on.
7:20 - head out the door.  
I'll have one day a week when I can put in a few more miles (or hit snooze a time or two), because Superman's house is a good 20 minutes closer to work than mine. I'm sure the mileage will vary with weather conditions, but 3 miles slogged through snow and slush = at least 4-5 miles in my book.

I would have to prepare as much as possible the night before, like setting out clothes and packing lunch. I've been working on a general menu. I really do so much better food-wise with a schedule. I can happily eat the same thing day after day for breakfast and lunch, with dinner the only variation. It will help that there is not much in the way of restaurants or take-out in the area. Not that I can afford to eat out anyway.

4-5 miles every day would be awesome, but does not satisfy my mileage goals. I'm thinking I can do another 3-4 at lunch most days. That won't get me to 10 miles per day, but it's far better than the mileage I'm doing now. Not thrilled with the area, but at least I'm not likely to be abducted during the middle of the day. I'll have to pack a washcloth, etc. so I don't stink the place up all afternoon.

This will not be a long term position for me. I can't afford to live on this salary. Not only can I not afford to pay for either health care or 401K, I also cannot afford to pay on my student loans. I'm still waiting to hear from the housing people to find out if they are able to at least reduce the interest rate on my mortgage. That will help a little.

Maybe this will help, too

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