July 28, 2011

What's going on?

At my parents':
From left to right: kitchen, main basement, utility room

The ceilings are down in preparation for the electrician, who will be there Friday. I was able to paint the front bedroom ceiling today, and much of the mudding is done in the master bedroom and sewing room. Tomorrow I'll be prepping the basement for internal waterproofing, which I can do while the electrician is working upstairs next week.

On the track:

A 10:23 mile!?! I really don’t know what to believe when I see numbers so far below what I expect. Yes, I felt fast on the track today. I have NEVER seen anything below an 11-minute-mile though. The only way I’ll believe it is true, is if I am able to reproduce the results next time. Next time will be at the St. Joe's track again. 10 minutes from my house, and literally right off the lake. Werks for me!

In real life:

Superman is packing to for a trip to Germany for a family wedding. I wish I could go but finances are a little too tight, even with a paid hotel. If any of you are fans of The Cure, you'll be happy to know Superman will likely be hob-nobbing with them at the reception. The bride and groom apparently handle the band's website.

At the same time, it works out I'll be home because Monkey Boy is will leave Germany to come home for a 2 week stay, at approximately the same time Superman will be in Germany. I’m very excited to see my baby boy! Not so much a baby anymore. He just bought his first car, over there.

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Pigeon said...

The home remodel project is sure coming along. Awesome job on your track work out.