July 11, 2011

Brick brick brick brick brick brick brick brick brick ...

Some words are just fun to say over and over, aren't they?

Brick isn't necessarily one of them. I've been saying brick a lot lately though. "I'm doing a brick workout, by running then going to work at my parents!" "I'm doing a brick by working at my parent's, then going for a bike ride." What I haven't done is an actual, honest to goodness brick workout.

Until today.

Today I swam for half an hour, then ran for 20 minutes. It was supposed to be swim for 45 minutes and run for 45 minutes, but apparently I'm dehydrated or tired or still recovering from Saturday night. I had about enough in me to pack what I needed and get out the door, then let momentum take me from there.

So, no clue what the swim yardage was, but it was 50 free, 50 breast, rinse, repeat, with a few backstroke and kick laps thrown in. Transition was ... 15 minutes? I rinsed off in the shower, peed, dried, and wrestled my running gear onto my still damp body. Then I hit the treadmill room and positioned a fan right in front of my chosen mill. I got on and bumped it immediately to a 12-minute mile.

The swim was like a warmup and I felt really good (albeit, dehydrated) ... up until the guys in the room started loudly complaining about how hot it was. One wrestled with the painted shut windows, while the other lounged on an elliptical, both at the top of their grouse about the heat.

It wasn't really that hot. I broke a sweat because I was running faster then I normally do. I wasn't dying though. I know for dying in the heat on a run. This wasn't it. There is an air conditioner, though I will admit it was cooler out in the hallway. I'm guessing sweaty bodies will do that to a room temperature.

So I cut my half hour short. I was already tired, and they annoyed me by making me focus on the heat. I also started feeling my heel, and I simply refuse to go there again. Not bad for a first real brick workout though. I'm completely happy with both the fact that I got on the treadmill, and the fact that I ran it at 12-minute-mile pace.

Now, I'm finishing up my group project and paper. My Project Management class ends today, and tomorrow starts Strategic Planning.

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