July 26, 2011

1:20 Tuesday morning

I meant to write a post today about swim strokes, which I meant to research after realizing yet again how horrible my freestyle is. That post will obviously have to wait.

I meant to create a spreadsheet of my training schedule, and see if I could embed it into the new Training Journal page. That, too will have to wait.

Instead of doing these things, I spent time at my parents, getting all the stuff we cleared out of the basement last week onto the curb for the poor garbage men. Probably 15 bags. A box of 20 year old jelly, pumpkin, and beans (I still think fondly of those canning days). 4 recycling bags and 8 bowling ball bags. This does not include the 2 buckets full of paint we processed with kitty litter so they can safely be discarded.
I spent the rest of the day (and part of the night) writing a paper on outsourcing IT. I feel like I'm finally getting back into the groove with school. That may be because researching and papers I understand better than individual assignments using a program I'm barely literate in.

So now you know what glorious fun you have waiting for you tomorrow. I'll even throw in another speed session bit, which I know you can't live without.

For now, I'm off to bed.

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Emz said...

I hope you got some much needed/well deserved sleep!!