July 7, 2011

A change in plans

Everyone knows about the best laid plans, and how often they seem to go astray.

Today I planned to prime the front bedroom of my parent's house. Then Ninja made a surprise visit, so I didn't leave when originally planned. Then Ninja needed lunch, so we decided to visit our favorite sandwich shop, Grums. We arrived at my parents about an hour later than I normally get there.

When we arrived, my Dad informed me there would be no painting today. I'd already removed the paneling and bar from the right side of the basement staircase. Handyman needed the paneling removed from the left side as well. I broke out the flatbar, crowbar, and hammer, and got to work. The shelves underneath the stairs also had to come out. For that matter, the entire staircase had to come out. I just hauled the debris for that part.

Handyman removing stringers from the basement stairs
Everything we pulled out of the basement today
I planned to run this afternoon, but the bending and lifting tweaked my lower back, which complained to my heel. I decided another day of rest was in order. Actually, it will be 2 days of rest. I planned a swim/run brick tomorrow, but will now be helping Handyman build a new set of stairs. This is a good thing, as I may actually get paid.

I might have a chance to run once the stairs are in, but I'm not holding my breath. Saturday is still on, though. I'm looking forward to traipsing along the Shaker trail.

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Teamarcia said...

You are such a handy girl! Hope you sneak your run in.