July 1, 2011


Last night I rode with the Bicycle Boulevard group, which is a casual Wednesday ride over the summer. We did about 18 miles. Last summer we would ride up to 30, but apparently we haven't worked up to that distance yet this year (can anyone say "WoW raiding at 8:00?).
Bicycle Boulevard shop
On the way home I discussed with Superman how I could leave my car at his place and ride home, then ride back Friday to pick up my car. That is exactly what I did. 4 miles to my parents, to finish mudding and sanding the front bedroom, then another 10.5 to my house. I'll ride the 13 miles back to Superman's tomorrow, and then maybe an additional 5 or so to Friends Night Out at the Olive Garden.

The ride makes tomorrow a true brick, as I will also be swimming in the morning. Still no running, though my heel is starting to feel better. Stretching, icing, and muscle relaxers tonight will hopefully have me back on the road Saturday.

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BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I hope your heel feels better soon! I know I have to email you back to - pst my contest ends 7.22! Thanks for always posting about them!