July 24, 2011

Training Journal

After reading about Amanda's Running Journal over at Running Hood, I decided it might be a good idea to chronicle my running experiences in a shorthand fashion. Yes, I talk about my running here. I don't talk about each run though. I wanted somewhere I could see at a glance how things have been going, what I did vs what I planned to do, and how I felt about what I did.

Yes, I post my runs on Daily Mile, but that isn't the journal format I want. It shows the list of workouts, but not the schedule to come.

I opted instead to create a Training Journal page here on the blog. After a bit of fussing, I decided to run it in reverse calendar order, so the most recent month is on top. This way there's no scrolling to get to current info.

The plan is to post my training schedule, for however many weeks in advance as I want to work it out. I can edit it more easily than on my written calendar. I can write how each workout felt, whether I was tired, if my eating or hydrating affected the run.

I'm still working out the format, and whether I'll actually post the page, or just leave it in my drafts to continuously edit.

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