July 20, 2011

Running Fast, Slowly - Week 2 (and stuff)

Today was a light day at my parents. The wrecking crew and dumpster will be there tomorrow to remove the kitchen ceiling. To prepare for that, I boxed up and moved out everything from the countertops and walls, then taped up all the drawers and cupboards so no dust could get in.

I came home and did some homework, a little housework, then headed out again.

Can I say I hate shoes? Especially running shoes. If you've been here any length of time you've heard my complaints, and about the different shoes I've owned. I am currently running in a pair of Nike Free, which I purchased because even though I wore them for like 6 months, the Sauchony Kinvaras were always too tight (and they became unwearable after they got soaked). The Nike Free have about a 8mm heel drop. The Kinvara have a 4mm heel drop. The Free have a VERY flexible sole - that being one of the selling points. The Kinvara... not nearly as flexible.

Ever since I bought the Nike Free, I've had calf tightness and my Planar Fasciitis has become a major issue again. I hadn't had the PF issues since early last year - before I switched to a more minimalist shoe. I thought at first the Free were a lower heel drop, and that I just pushed the distance in them too quickly. It turns out I was half right. The heel drop is not the issue, but the flexible sole apparently is. I pushed the distance too far too fast, for the new stress on those muscles and tendons.

I like the Nike Free. The problem is, I HAVE to run that far. I'm signed up for a 10 mile race in less than a month. I'm actually behind in training because I took 2 weeks off for the PF issues. I decided to see if there was a better shoe for the longer distances - something in between the Nike and Kinvara.

I'd ordered a pair of men's Kinvara before I purchased the Nike Free. Those were too narrow, as well. When I went to the running shoe store today though, the Kinvara fit just fine. I think I ordered an 8.5 since I wear a 9 woman's shoe. What I walked out of the store with today was a men's 9. Apparently the Kinvara run small. Funny, since The Energizer Bunny just this past weekend offered me a different pair of Sauchony she'd bought, which were too small for her. Besides the fact they have a full, thick sole, the woman's size 9s were also too small for me. The Energizer Bunny had purchased 2 other pairs previously, same size and style, that fit just fine. I wonder if Sauchony changed their sizing recently...

From the running store, I took my new Kinvaras to my 2nd speed workout. I arrived early, since I have a standing 8pm on Tuesdays (which I actually have to be at by 7:40). I can't get the full workout in if I start at 6:30. The group tends to stay until 8:00. So I arrived half an hour early, and got started. I didn't know what was on the agenda for the group, but I knew I could do last week's workout until everyone else was ready to go. I'd picked up an arm band for my iPhone so I could use the Jog Log app I like so much. I hate arm bands, so I guess it's a good thing this one is so large it won't stay up on my arm. Wrapped twice around my wrist works rather well though.

Let me say yet again that I don't trust GPS, or any mechanical number generator. Jog Log insisted that 3 and 3/4 laps around the track = 1 mile. Take that into consideration when viewing the following numbers.

I ran:
1 mile @ 11:19 (Jog Log says I ran 1:05 at a 10:48 pace)
1 mile @ 11:37 (Jog Log calls this one 1:10 @ 10:33)
.5 mile @ 10:38 pace (.53 according to Jog Log)

Who knew I could run so fast?!? I only wish it was sustainable...

By the time I'd finished the 800, everyone had arrived and warmed up, so we got started on the actual group workout. Today was intervals. Run as fast as you can for 300 yards. The others then jogged the remaining 100 yards, + another 400 yards recovery before rinsing and repeating for a total of 10 sets. I knew if I tried to jog all that "recovery" I would not be able to run the fast lap. I ran the fast 300, walked 100, jogged 300, walked 100. I did this 4 times, for a total of 2 miles, making my speed workout 4.5 miles total. A mile and a half farther than last week's. I timed it as a chunk, instead of just the fast 300s, so I have no idea how fast I went. I do know the early miles took their toll. My last 300 was at about the recovery jog pace of the other runners.

It's a good thing I stopped when I did, as my knee got wonky walking to the car, and my legs stiffened up by the time I'd driven home. I expect, much like last week, that I will feel this into the weekend. I guess that means I'm building muscle.

Since I made you read about my day as a wall of text with no pictures, here are some of my sunflowers. They're getting massive, and almost every stalk has a flower getting ready to bloom.

Aren't they purty?

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BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Those flowers are huge! I have a pic of my grandmother with a sunflower that's taller than her garage! lol I should find it and post it.