July 9, 2011

How to install a set of stairs in 3 easy steps

Step #1:
Avoid running over the baby blue jay on the way to the job site
Step #2:
then measure again
then correct measurements
And measure yet again.
before cutting
then make sure the measurements were correct
before creating a mirror image of the first stringer
and boring out starter holes to router for treads
then router for treads
and verify the treads will fit in the routered holes
then bolt a park bench back together
and weed for an hour while Handyman routers treads
then take over and router the other stringer
while Handyman cuts treads and risers
and the center brace
then start putting it all together
fitting treads in routered holes with glue and nails

than nailing risers, glueing all seams, and notching for the center brace
before lifting stairs over porch railing and gently lowering them into the basement
Curse and swear and lift and wrestle and shove and shave and sweat and sledgehammer the stairs into place
Step #3:
Collapse after 11 hours of lifting and hauling and pounding and sawing

1 comment:

Still Running said...

Those are some nice stairs. Stairs and chairs -- tough to make right. Nice park bench too!