November 1, 2010

In case you were wondering...

If you were wondering what I've been doing with myself over the last 2 months, now I'm unemployed, your curiosity is about to be assuaged. I have been turning this:
My parent's 3rd floor
3rd floor bathroom
3rd floor bedroom
Photo courtesy of Mom
Into this (I seem to have lost the "after" pics of the bedroom):
The main room
Notice new fixtures and mirror
the bathroom is once again usable
new tile, molding and treads
new handrail
Ninja, Monkey Boy and Wheeler all helped early on, but most of the work was done by my Dad and I. The 3rd floor now looks brand new - other than a few tiles and a minor dab of paint, there is nothing this perfectionist could find that needs fixing. Wednesday, we move on to the 2nd floor.

In addition to putting in work at my parent's, I have been studying this:
One of 4 books needed for the
certifications I want
and working on this:
Graduation is in October 2012. Mark your calendars now!
The first part helps get me out of the house, gives me something productive to do, and allows me to spend time with my parents. The 2nd and 3rd will earn me a much better career path than the one I had. (Supposing, of course, the economy improves by the time all my plans come to fruition...) Had I not lost my job, these opportunities would be much more limited. 

So that is what I'm doing, and enjoying most of it tremendously. What are you working on?

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