November 9, 2010

Wouldn't you just know

I went to bed last night at a reasonable hour, feeling good about my new perspective on running. 2 hours later, I woke up with my sinuses completely swollen and plugged. Wouldn't you know? Trying to comfortably breath, I did not sleep long or well last night.

I was determined not to let a little thing like a cold derail my new momentum. A 4-miler was on the agenda for today, and I WOULD get 'er done. If Dean Karnazes can run with a cold, so can I, right? Yeah, cause I'm in the same league as Dean. That's how I roll.

I got myself all medicated and hydrated, dressing warmly in the hopes I could sweat some of this nastiness out, laced up and headed out the door. I actually can breathe when medicated, which is why I even considered this.

It's a beautiful autumn day here in northeast Ohio. A sunny 50 degrees with a mild breeze off the lake. I couldn't ask for better running weather. Taking my bug into consideration, I determined I would not worry about time. Slow and easy was the plan. Whatever it took to get the 4 miles in. I have been thinking about a new 4 mile route, which simply adds a mile onto my 3-miler. I figured today was the perfect day to try tricking myself into thinking the run wasn't as long.

Here is the difference in routes:
3 mile route

4 mile route

I started running north toward the top of the triangle. I'm still stiff, though not as bad as Sunday, and was NOT concerning myself with speed. Forefoot strike and breath. Forefoot strike and breath. I turned at the point, and wondered if I could make it 4 miles. I wasn't exhausted, but lethargic and already fighting the urge to walk.

Jog Log told me I hit one mile just before the turn to my street, and I remembered this article from my new Runner's World, which came yesterday. I made an executive decision. I WILL get my 4 miles in, but I don't HAVE to do them all at once. I turned Jog Log off, walked to my street (I'm on the corner of the circle), caught my breath, then started out again to repeat that first mile.
1 mile route
I ran 4 laps, the last one barefoot (another "shit or get off the pot" moment). I walked around for a few minutes between each lap to catch my breath. I ran slow, trying to sweat some of the cold out, not make it worse by overtiring myself.

When I was done, I soaked in a long, hot shower. I've been drinking huge mugs of hot tea. I'm about to go take a nap.
I don't know yet what tomorrow's run will be, but I know I'll hit it one way or another.


Emz said...

I love your attitude. Awesome.

And tomorrow . . . .

It WILL be a hit! :)

Andrew Opala said...

nice triangular graphic map there ... but I think Dan Brown is going to use it in his next novel about how the Catholic Church is evil and going to take over Cincinnati.

did you have any lights to contend with?

ShebaJC said...

EMZ I love that you commented! Andrew, I think Dan Brown needs to find another subject to write about. 8-) The one mile loop has no lights. The larger loop has several.

Teamarcia said...

Way to push through feeling crappy and all! Now go drink more of that hot tea and curl up!
So much junk is going around right now.