November 2, 2010

what the...?!?

I am aware some of my behaviors have changed since Ninja left the nest last month
 I should take out stock in Clorox Wipes,
for the amount of wiping I do
It takes a lot longer to come up with a full load of dishes
Spaz and Odin get my undivided attention (and nip!) more often
What I did not expect was that I would hoard. I have a freezer and refrigerator full of food, but that is not what I'm hoarding. I'm hoarding junk. Specifically, candy. I don't even eat it very often! 
My cupboard holds enough candy to last at least a year!
Yes, there is something to be said for the ability to have candy in the house, which I have not for over 2 decades (holidays notwithstanding). There is something to the fact that today's foray into the candy aisle resulted in only Stage Three Halloween Candy:
I don't know why I keep going back to that aisle though, and I wish I would stop. 

Superman asked if I'm worried, and I agree that is likely a factor. While I have my focus and am moving toward goals, I am not happy with the uncertainty of being unemployed. Not usually political, I'm now watching to see what Congress does when they return to Washington in their lame duck session November 15. There is a lot of noise about federal jobless benefits expiring November 30, but not much said about renewal being on the agenda. I'm one of the people who were let go too late to benefit from federal aid, so my benefits run out the end of April. 

There are supposedly 5 applicants for every job right now, and an eerie silence wherever I send my resume. I realize much of that is because my job history is secretarial, and my applications are for information technology. Honestly, my focus is more on getting ready for a new career, as opposed to finding one right now. Still, extension of federal aid would give me more time to prepare. Without it, I will HAVE to find a job, even if that job is working a register somewhere, before summer 2011.

I should be hoarding canned food, not candy. *sigh* I am confident I'll land on my feet, and that I will be better off in the end, but this uncertainty is hard. Spending $$ where I shouldn't isn't helping. Hopefully today will be the last foray into the candy aisle. Hopefully everything will fall into place, before it falls apart. 

Tootsie Pop, anyone?

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