November 28, 2010

I'm not dead

I have been in something of a food coma the past few days. Four Thanksgivings: his family, my family, a good friend's, and the one I do at home because there are NEVER enough leftovers (well, of turkey anyway).

My bird has barely been touched,
and I've a pot of turkey soup on the stove as I type this.
I've been active as well, though I still can't run any real distance. 

I spent a few hours sanding and mudding my parent's bathroom Wednesday.
Superman and I went for a 5 mile walk on Turkey Day. 
I was very excited to find I could actually run across the street without pain.
Friday, Ninja and I broke out my parent's 3-tub, 90-year-old,
concrete utility sink, and dismantled part of the wall.
5 and 10 lb. sledgehammers were flying for about an hour,
and another hour to scoop up all the rubble and carry it outside.
Saturday I went rock climbing with The Energizer Bunny,
Big Bro, and their assorted family members.
I belayed more than climbed, as my arms are trashed from
sanding and sledgehammering.
There were also
several sets of curls involving a 3-year old in a harness...

My knee is still a little swollen, and it still gives me twinges of pain. Surprisingly, it didn't much mind climbing. I keep thinking I'm going to go out and run a mile to see how it feels, but then it tells me how it feels and I decide I'd better wait. Maybe tomorrow, when it's supposed to get back up into the 50s.

This morning I had trouble brushing my teeth. I'm definitely building some arm muscle! I will not be lifting, pushing, or pulling anything (if I can help it). I'm writing a paper, and planning to get out for a walk. Maybe I'll do a walk/run, the way I did when I first tried to run.

See what I mean?


misszippy said...

That's some serious demo going on there, ala HGTV! Hope that knee cooperates and you can give your arms a break!

Emz said...

Oh man!! I'm with Miss Z. :)

That soup looks INCREDIBLE. Thanks for the dinner inspiration. :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Yes, hope your knee is back to normal soon. That is a seriously sweet rock climbing gym! Hoping to catch up on some of your blog posts.