November 10, 2010

There's a Fine Line, and Where's the Meets?

There's apparently a fine line between running that's good for you, and running that's not. I contemplated crossing that line for the better part of the day.

My cold seems to have settled in overnight. The medication that worked yesterday is not quite so effective today. My temperature has been up and down. My ears are clogged. I called my Dad last night and told him I have his cold, but I'm not giving it back. That was my way of calling in sick and taking a day off from the remodeling work on my parent's house. Still, through large mugs of tea and an emergency Kleenex run, I contemplated getting my run on. I can... well maybe not sprints today. I can... maybe run a mile? Just to say I ran? I said I wanted to run every day, right?

Wait. That's not exactly what I said. I said 4-5 days a week, with a long run on the weekend. And no one said anything about "in sickness and in health..." It wasn't until Superman insisted a) I stay home tonight (Wednesdays I usually spend at his house), and b) I NOT run, that I decided his was the voice of reason. I took his advice and crawled into bed for the better part of the afternoon.

I feel better now, though certainly not 100%. I'm already contemplating tomorrow's run, and trying to figure out my taper week. I expect to be capable of 4 miles tomorrow, even if they are the same 4 I ran yesterday. Friday will be sprints again. Saturday will be a longer run, but only 6-8 miles. Enough to remember how to run distance, but not enough to exhaust me for the better part of the week. This, of course, all depends on how I feel tomorrow through Saturday. Taper week will be Sunday off, then cut everything in half for the week. Out every day, but for nothing longer than 2-3 miles. Saturday off. Sunday, race.

Instead of actually running, I've been thinking about running. I'm working on my race schedule for 2011, and having some difficulty.
I wish they would post races all in the same place. I'm signed up for,, Chaney Events,,, and Ohio Runner. My goal is a half marathon a month, like I did 10Ks this year (until I upgraded to halfs in September). I've found at least one race for most months, but am having trouble choosing. So far I have the following (most don't have dates yet):

Jan -  Winter Buckeye Trail Half Marathon
          Not sure if this one is happening, as the website linked is for this

          past summers race
Feb - Run With Your Heart 15K
         I'm already registered for this one. Not a half marathon, but the
         best I can do in February, in my area. It's a winter trail run, 

         which should be interesting!
Mar - Haven't found anything in March yet.
Apr - Cleveland 10-Miler 
         Already registered for this one, then found
         The Cleveland Spring Classic Half Marathon.
         Considering running them both...

May - Cleveland Half Marathon
          Cinderella's supposed to come in from NY with her Prince
          to run this one with me. Prince runs marathons.
Jun - Towpath 10-Miler
         I ran the 10K last year, but probably will go with either
         Park to Park Half Marathon, or
         Columbia Station Half Marathon
         I haven't decided which.

Jul - Haven't found anything in July yet.
Aug - Perfect 10-Miler
         I ran this one last year. Best tech shirt ever!
         Buckeye Half Marathon
         I'm considering both, as the 10-miler is right around the corner

Sep - River Run Half Marathon
          I ran this one this year
          Leave No Trace Trail Half Marathon
          But I'm tempted by trails
Oct - Towpath Half Marathon
         I ran this one this year
         Inland Trail Half Marathon
         But am tempted by trails
Nov - Cleveland Fall Classic Half Marathon
         I'm running this one next weekend
Dec - There apparently isn't anything longer than a 5K in December

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