November 3, 2010

And in other news...

Barefoot Neil over at Because All The Cool Kids Are Doing It recently held a contest, asking for one hit wonders and a lot of love (like). The prize was a free RoadID. Guess who won? See, this is my lottery luck in action. I find pennies, nickels and dimes while out and about, and I win silly blog contests. I'm not complaining! I've already ordered an ankle ID in blue (which looks awfully purple to me!). 
This is a neat item, allowing me to always have emergency contact info easily accessible, just in case. God forbid anything happen while I'm out running, at night, in the rain, with crazy drivers who don't stop at stop signs (it's happened more than once)!!! I plan putting it to double duty next season, when I hope to start running races barefoot! According to Neil, it's a good place to put a timing chip. 

If you're interested in a RoadID of your own, they sent me a $1 off discount coupon code to share with all my friends. Just go to their site and build your own RoadID. When you get to the checkout, there will be a space for a coupon code. Enter ThanksJan858746. The first 20 will get the discount. 

In addition to outdoor athletes, this is a great idea if you have allergies or a medical condition EMTs might need to know about. If your young child has a tendency to wander at public events, you could have one with your cell #. You can put whatever you want on the 6 available lines of text. I'm tempted to put mine on and never take it off. The AnkleID is neoprene with a velcro closure. They have a WristID Elite with a watch buckle closure. All styles come in a variety of colors.

All the cool kids are doing it. Dean Karnezes does too. Let me know what you think of the idea, and how you might use one. I think it's tre' cool!

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