April 9, 2011

I set myself up to fail

This is Superman and I on our way out for this weekend's long run. I had 12 miles on the calendar. I did not make it 12 miles. I ran 5 straight, then walked and ran and walked and ran an additional 2. At 7, I gave up. I had too much pain I was afraid would become damage if I continued. We did an out-and-back though, so I had to at least walk back (for a total of 11.25 round trip). I was completely spent, enough to honestly fear for a little while I would not make it home. Every run is a learning experience though, and sometimes I have to learn things over and over before they stick. Here's what I learned today:

I have to run every couple days - While I did expend a lot of energy painting 2 days this week, I did not run. I've skipped a full week of shorter runs twice now, and both times my weekend long run sucked ass. I started out stiff today and spent a lot of energy fighting my body in the first few miles. This made the first 6 miles of hill more difficult than it had to be, and exhausted me well before the run was half over.

I have to hydrate at least the day prior - I have been living on diet soda, which is already a bad thing because it sets my thyroid into overdrive. I also don't hydrate as well when that's all I drink. I sucked up an entire liter of water on this run, which at 50 degrees seems a bit much. I felt horrible at first, and didn't start feeling better until well in the 2nd mile (after I'd started sucking down water like I was dying).

I have to stretch and roll out after my runs - The first week I did my yoga/pilates class, my runs were incredible and awesome. This past week I skipped the class to write a paper. I also realized today that while I took an ice bath after last week's 11-miler, I did not roll out or stretch after that or the following day's 5-miler.

I have to forgive my shortcomings - While last weekend felt wonderful, my quads have been stiff and sore all week. I'm guessing I built some new muscle there, then never worked it out to make it pliable and healthy new muscle. I have a lot of room for muscle growth, and I can't beat myself up because my body was tired this weekend. I'm prone to beating myself up, but learning from my mistakes will make future runs better.

While I didn't run the entire 12, my legs were completely trashed and I decided an ice bath was in order.
I solved the "ice maker doesn't work" problem
This was my last long run before taper for the Cleveland 10-Miler on the 23rd. I'm very happy I decided to train for a half marathon in preparation for this race. I've had a really good 11-mile run already, so today's run does not phase me. I know what I'm capable of. I just have to remember what I've learned over the next 2 weeks.


JD said...

So you know, it was a wonderful time to be out running with you; we didn't finish the whole thing running, to be sure, but we did have a social event, and spent some time in the park where it wasn't crowded. You're stronger than you were, and we can both think back to a time when "just a mile" was hard for each of us!
You're awesome!
Now, get some stretching/shorter runs done so we can do these longer runs!

RoseRunner said...

I am also guilty of needing to do all those things as a runner; stretch, hydrate....I never do any of it. sometimes I prefer to run by my own rules, not the general running rules.

BTW, in response to our discussion about blog product reviews; you don't need to worry about blog content! You are already more interesting that a great deal of the blogs out there.