April 30, 2011

Go Team Avery!

I've mentioned Michel before, over at Baby Weight My Fat Ass. She's this awesome woman with 2 baby girls. I like to think we're alike, in some ways. We have the same taste in music, and have some of the same difficulties running. She's run a marathon already though, and is willing to get up at 3am to get her run on. A pretty amazing woman.

Another amazing thing about Michel is how proactive she is. You see, both her babies show up on the autism scale. Her oldest is functional and doing well in school. The younger is a bit more of a challenge. Michel is in the process of researching schools for Avery, because the local school may not be able to handle her needs.

Michel is also very much an advocate. She ran her first marathon for the American Heart Association. This year she teamed up with Operation Jack and is running for autism research.
This is Avery.
I hope Michel doesn't mind I stole the pic from her Operation Jack donation site.
Michel has already raised over $1,000 for Team Avery. I think that's pretty amazing, too.

I worked while my children were growing up, so found a wonderful woman named Robbie to care for them after school. Robbie watched several children, including a non-verbal autistic boy named Micheal. I got to know Micheal a little through my children, and in passing when I dropped them off or picked them up.

Years and years later, I came to be very good friends with another amazing woman. My friend has an autistic teenager. I like to think her son and I are friends as well, with a love of both Ghostbusters and Kung Fu Panda in common.

This cause is close to my heart. Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have much to give. That is why I'm reaching out to you, all 16 of you (I know there are more out there who simply haven't hit FOLLOW...).

Even $5 would help. Please consider giving.