April 10, 2012

I R Geek

I slept until 11 this morning, after staying up until 3am filling out on-line forms for various types of assistance. I keep checking my email, but have yet to see a response to anything I did last night. I'm not surprised. I expect there's a massive influx of applications. I'm not the only one being cut off.

Besides a half hour run and maybe an hour of video game, I then spent the better part of 12 hours doing this:
It doesn't look like much, does it? "It" is actually more than the three screens you see. What those screens show is the home page to the web server I installed on my little netbook computer. I connected the server to my home network and the internet. I can now access it from anywhere on the web. I can't do any configuration from other machines, but I can access and update my own personal wikipedia this way. I set that up today too. I actually had one on a free website, but that free website embedded code that screwed with the wiki's functionality. I had to format everything with code, which was fun to learn but time consuming and unneccesary.

I'm glossing over the details, like figuring out how to lock down the web server so no one can hack it and make unauthorized changes. Someone could probably figure out how to log on to the page you see, but there's nothing they can do other than look at the different extensions I have installed. I did several other computer related things too, like configuring backups and creating my first html webpage. That last consists of a image and the words "Jan's first webpage!" and apparently is not yet visible to anyone but me.

Is any of what I did today going to get me a job? Probably not. Was it fun and engrossing? Yes. Will it help my learning curve? Yes. Eventually it won't take me 12 hours to accomplish what I did today. Eventually I'll figure out how to put all these bits and pieces of information I'm gathering together in a meaningful way, without needing notes or to look everything up again and again.

It's now 1:30am, and I'm still up. It doesn't take much to skew my sleep schedule these days. I do have to log off though. I want to run in the morning, before heading to my Mom's. I hope to get all the lower kitchen cabinets primed, along with the other half of the dining room. That includes disassembling cabinet doors and contents, and I have a bumper to add to one very deep cabinet as well.

Think you can guess what tomorrow's picture will be?

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BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I don't think i'll be the only one to say it might help you get a job. That's what my husband does in order to access our stuff from work. Sometimes have skills like that surprise people who have no clue that it's possible to do that stuff. kwim? Positive energy!