April 20, 2012

An unexpected rest day

I use the word rest rather loosely. Yesterday's exercise regime did not go as planned. First there was the trip to the dealership. If anyone is like Aunt Gertie and wondering why I went to the dealership for a tire losing air and new windshield wipers, it's because I pay extra every month on my lease for things like that to be covered. At least I thought I did. Turns out the wipers were only covered during the first year of the lease, though the tire will supposedly be reimbursed.

I went straight from the dealer to my Mom's. This is what happened next:

The insides of the upper cupboards (including doors, which you don't see) and the outsides of all the cupboards are done. When I started with the outsides of the cupboards I realized the paint we'd purchased was too close to the color of the walls. You couldn't tell the difference, even with a semi-gloss. I called Home Depot and they let us bring the gallon back for additional tint, free of charge. I chose a much darker color, and you can see it really didn't turn out much darker at all with the orignal yellow as base instead of white. It looks good in real life though. The darker cabinets make the wall look lighter than it did before - not so crayola yellow.

The only real problem with adding additional tint is it thinned the paint out. I had to put 2 coats on everything, and not everything has that 2 coats yet. The side trip and additional coats are part of why I didn't get home until 7pm. The other part is I under-estimated how long the cabinets would take to paint, with all the precision required up against the walls.

Tuesday I'll paint the 2nd coat where needed, then put all the doors up. I'll put everything back where it goes and steam clean the floor. This will complete the kitchen, except for the island doors. Those are not my department, though I expect I'll have to prime, paint, and hang them when they are finally ready.

Today I have a 3 mile run and 13 mile bike ride on tap. I originally planned to do the Insanity workout scheduled for yesterday, today. That is not going to happen. Instead I took that time and rearranged my "exercise room" so I can do these workouts inside, away from laughing neighborhood children. This will also allow me to do them later in the evening if need be. I'm trying to plan ahead to facilitate these exercises when I start working.
Moving the treadmill was a workout in itself. I never did like it in the doorway, and putting it in front of the window sounded like a good idea in theory. In practice, the lines on the window bounced up and down in my vision, making me a little seasick. Where it is now I have the air from the window right next to me, I can watch videos on my ipad, and I can look out the window to the side of the building when I want without being forced to watch the bouncing lines.

The best part though, is there's room to do the Insanity videos. That, and there's not much in the room to bounce, rattle and shake when I jump. I did a few test jumps, and it turns out the rattling and shaking was much more bothersome than the noise the floor makes.

I left the little trampoline out because I might decide to use it on the running-in-place portions of the videos. I'm having a hard time with the muscles/tendons across the bottom of my feet getting tired. All the bouncing and jumping means I'm on the balls of my feet a lot, and I apparently do not have the right shoes to support that type of action. I'm not getting new shoes any time soon, so I have to find some way to work around it. The trampoline is one option. I might try my Merrell trail gloves too. No cushion for the jumping, but arch support. It's funny to me, with all the running using a forefoot strike, that these are the muscles most fatigued.

Speaking of running, I gotta get out there.

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