April 11, 2012

You guessed it

I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish at my Mom's today. Everything below the counters is now primed, including drawer fronts and doors. I also put bumpers in the cabinet by the sink and finished priming the dining room. Thursday I'll paint the interiors of all the lower cabinets, the cabinet doors, and the window and door frames.

I did not get my run in as planned. I'm still having sore calf issues, though I really can't complain when I hit a 10 minute mile the other day. I've apparently changed my form, resulting in a funny sort of problem. I can't figure out how to slow down. Every run is at the burning edge of my lung capacity. I've tried changing my stride to slow down, in a way to that used to work. Now it apparently makes me run even faster.

I'm only doing 3 milers right now, because I'm still trying to run every single day. That hasn't been working so well for me lately. By the end of 3 miles at my current speed my legs are tired, my calves are sore, and my lungs/diaphram hurt. 3 or 4 days of this, and my runs are downright painful. That's when I take a day off, which seems to help. I've goals of upping my daily mileage so I'm running an hour a day, but the way I've been feeling lately that's a long way off. I just have to keep reminding myself to take things slow. Every time I run too fast or too far, too often, I get hurt. I'm trying to reign myself in so that doesn't happen yet again.

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