April 17, 2012

I can do this

This picture a day thing isn't working out so well. I meant to take a picture of the upper cabinets, now freshly primed, but that didn't happen. I meant to take a picture of the newly primed cabinet doors, currently spread out in the garage. That didn't happen either.
Imagine these are the upper cupboards
What did happen was the toughtest day yet of my new exercise regime. It started with my knee feeling a little wonky when I got up. Not so much painful as... soft on the outside. Just like yesterday, my run seemed to shake everything out, including the knee. I got back from my run, took about 10 minutes to change and get my stuff together, and felt good hopping on the bike.

It's something of a joke between Superman and I that I only have 2 speeds on the bike. I pretty much only have 2 speeds while running too, but even more so on the bike. Full tilt and dead stop. So this morning I was full tilt up the park hill, which according to Google Earth is almost exactly a 300 ft. elevation gain. It seemed like more when I was walking the bike up the hill.

I didn't time the ride, but I'm guessing it took somewhere close to an hour. I then proceeded to lift, carry, and repeatedly climb up and down a ladder for the next 4 hours. Basically I put everything back into the lower cabinets (what my Mom hadn't already put back), emptied the upper cabinets, mudded the bathroom window, and primed the upper cabinets boxes and doors. Then I cleaned everything up and rode back home.

The ride home was much easier. I really REALLY like speed, and riding down that 300 ft. elevation change is much more fun than riding up. It probably took about as long though, because my legs were TIRED. I got really hungry on the way home, too.
This is what I felt like on the way home
Until I got the grum-bellys
When I got home, I ate a little too much. That's what happens when I get over hungry. So I wasn't exactly prepared to do the Insanity DVD right away. I was kind of scared to do it, as tired as I was. Eventually though I sucked it up, got changed back into my running clothes and put the DVD on. Boy was I glad I did! Today was "Cardio Recovery," which  turned out to be a lot of stretching with a bit of deep muscle work. I didn't exactly hold the deep squats and lunges, but I did the slow repetitions and pulses. The stretching helped the dead feeling in my legs. I won't say I'm back to normal right now, but I'm certainly not feeling as bone tired physically exhausted.

Tommorow I have my appointment with the county, to discuss my food stamps application. I planned to ride there (12 miles) and back (another 12 miles), but I'm thinking better of that idea. I still need to run, and tomorrow's back to the really insane Insanity workouts. Also, I'm riding to Superman's at some point, which is an additional 13 miles. 37 miles in one day seems a bit excessive, when I only had my first ride of the season today. Besides, Aunt Gertie reminded me I really have to take the car out every week or so anyway, just to blow the dust out of the exhaust and charge up the electrical system.

Tomorrow and Thursday will be the most difficult, physically. They both have the same intensity of workouts, although Thursday's bike will be split and I'll work at my Mom's in between. Friday I have off from the Insanity, which will be nice. I'm doing the runs by feel and the bike by need, so will not know until Friday if I will have a complete down day.

What I do know is, so far, I can do this.

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