September 14, 2011

A very full Thursday

Today I took 6.5 of these:
Put them one by one into this:
Handyman drilled holes:
And blew the insulation in. I was up and down ladders. I lifted the insulation packages to put them into the bin. I carried half the the stacks you see into the garage. I swept up the mess, afterward. We took a bit of time figuring out the quirks of the machine, so only got one side done today. Hopefully tomorrow will go quicker, and we will be done some time Friday.

After cleaning up the mess from the insulation job, I went home and put on my running clothes. I had 4 800s on the calendar yesterday, which didn't get done. Today was supposed to be a rest day, so I just switched them on the calendar and ran the 800s today.

I started with a mile warmup. Not sure why, but when I'm doing speedwork, my mile warmup also tends to be fast. According to my Nike GPS, today's warmup mile was 9:39. I've never seen a sub-10-minute-mile before. I waited until my heart rate dropped back to resting, then ran the first 800 at a 9:25 pace. The next two 800s were in the 10:xx pace range, and the last one was at about 9:52. If these were Yasso 800s, today's exercise would indicate I'm capable of about a 5 hour marathon. Of course, that would mean I'd be ready for a marathon in the first place, which I am not. Yet.


misszippy said...

I'm so damn impressed by your handiness! Wish I had that gene...

Kara said...

Great speedwork! I never actually do stuff like 800s, the only speed work I actually do are tempo runs. :)