September 28, 2011

Here we go again

So one of my friends coerced me into joining him in a 100 pushup challenge.

(By coerce of course I mean he posted he was doing it and asked if anyone wanted to join him.) I already had an app downloaded called Drop and Give Me Twenty (DGMT) from the last time I tried this back in April. I didn't talk too much about it, which is good because I also didn't stick too much with it.

They apparently upgraded the app. Before it was all about the pushups. Now it looks like this:
Lo and behold, the 100 Pushups site also has additional challenges:
My core is woefully weak, so with only a little nudge from Ninja, who is also participating, I added the situp challenge. 
Also, since my hips need work, and because I can use the app by counting situps, then during the "rest period" do the squats, I added them.
I am not crazy enough to try the pullups, though I might do the dips after I get some arm strength from the pushups. That would require a bit more than just opening an app though. I'd actually have to figure things out daily (like I do on my marathon training plan? Oh, guess it's not as hard as I'm making it out to be...)

The Facebook group started their program Monday, but I didn't learn about it until Monday, and didn't get that they started it Monday until yesterday. I did my test to discover how many pushups and situps I could do. At this point I'm doing the pushups on my knees, and my form is just plain horrible. Shortly after doing the test, I completed my first day. I planned to do another set last night, to bring me up to speed with everyone else, but that did not happen. This morning, with the way my arms and abs feel, I'm thinking that's a good thing. I did not expect to feel it this soon! It's a good thing, mind. I was just surprised.

So anyway, feel free to join the group. I'm hoping they will help keep me accountable, if only through posting which shows up on my feed. I'm taking the muscle soreness as a reminder that I have to do them again today. I have tons of room for improvement, so if I can get into the habit of doing these I plan to repeat at least the pushups with a real, full length pushup position.

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Emz said...

So very cool.
I keep saying I will do this challenge. About 30 pushups is all I'm good for currently. :/