September 29, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

My Dad is much, much better, and hoping to come home from the hospital tomorrow. I too am hopeful, but realize he will not be 100% even if they do release him. This means he will likely not be helping me primer ceilings Tuesday, much as he'd like to believe he will.
Yesterday's 6 miler turned into a fast 8 miler, thanks to Superman. I'm supposed to be entering taper mode, with the Towpath Half Marathon in 2 weeks. Superman wanted to get a long run in, as his work has interfered with his running quite a bit lately. I agreed to try the 10-miler he'd palnned, with no guarantees I wouldn't walk. This past weekend I'd done a hard 8, followed the next day with a hard 11+. I'd done my pushups, situps, and squats before going to his house, but did not think that would affect my run. Boy was I wrong! I did well with the rolling hills and even eked out a few 11:++ miles in the beginning. By the time we hit 8 though, I was done. Everywhere I'd worked earlier got fatigued, and it was affecting my form with pains I haven't felt in a long time. I basically hobbled home the remaining 2 miles. I expected to have trouble walking today, the way I felt when I went to bed, but it seems I've built up some resilience. While I feel my legs today, they are not in any way pained.

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JD said...

YAY! That was a long run! I remember a time when you and me BOTH could have expected to be sore. You are getting stronger. Makes sense with as much work as you are putting into it!