September 23, 2011

Stuff and nonsense

  • My Dad is getting better. He's apparently been sick for several weeks, but didn't know it was pneumonia. We are still hoping he'll be released in a week or so.

  • My niece came home from the hospital last night. Turns out she has allergies, which are affecting her asthma. A new treatment plan is in place.  
I have to talk to the official family photographer
to see if he has a more recent pic
  • I am planning a trip to New York in mid-October. Superman is going for work, and I'm tagging along for the ride. So excited for the road trip with him, and to see my bestie!
Another old pic, but one of my favorites
  • My house is in desperate need of cleaning. You know I'm not myself when I leave dishes in the sink, and I've been fighting a sink full of dishes since my party the beginning of the month. It doesn't help my dishwasher is not working properly, but still. I'm behind on everything, and am not quite sure where my time is going.
  • I finish school in 2 months. I'm not sure I'll know how to act, having been on this path for 2 years now. I know my "freak flag" (as Big Bro puts it) is flying high. He suggested a few positions I should apply for where he works. I've been fighting big anxiety and have not quite completed the application process. That's on the agenda for today, but so is a 45 minute swim, the hill workout I missed yesterday, visiting my Dad, and a butt-ton of homework. Meanwhile, I'm writing a blog and chatting with Monkey Boy in Germany.

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