September 13, 2011

Should I or shouldn't I?

I keep looking over at my "Challenges" section, which is very sparse lately. My current training plan is geared toward a marathon at the end of next year. I'll run one of two possible races.
The Really Big Free Marathon in Vegas
 OR if I can't afford that (or can't get in)
Towpath Marathon
I know most marathon training plans are not 60+ weeks long. I also know what happened when I tried to increase my mileage too quickly last year. I'm comfortable with my current plan.

What I'm not so comfortable with is the clean slate that is my normal race season, next year. So what I'm trying to determine is, should I run the same races I've been running so far? There are financial considerations at the moment, but those will likely be moot by the time the 2012 race season begins. I can always add mileage to races, either before or after, to fit in with my long run schedules. I'm not certain how RACING will affect those runs. I'm sure I'll be curious how my training has affected my times.

I guess it's just another one of those "I'll have to wait and see." I'll have to wait and see what I can afford, what I have time for, and what will fit in with the larger goal.  

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