June 2, 2011

Three Things Thursday

My garden is starting to fruit. I’m so excited! I have sunflowers (top left), strawberries (top right), grapes (bottom left) and raspberries (bottom right) blooming! I didn't take pictures of the peppers, because they're just too sad. Two of the three green pepper plants have definitely survived transplanting, though. I’m still hopeful for the 3rd, but without any leaves it doesn’t look good. I have 2 peppers already, but they are spotted from lying on the ground. The peppers were in topsy turvys last year, so grew upside down and are now planted sideways to be above ground. I’ve finally got them on stakes, lifting them and trying to convince them to grow up instead of sideways. My grapes now have a trellis to climb, as well. My blackberries are not doing anything, and I’m afraid I may have purchased nothing but sticks. Like the one pepper plant though, I am hopeful.

Iced tea is not a substitute for diet cola. This is day 2 of the sugar free challenge, and diet cola is the only thing I’m craving. Understandable, since I’m pretty sure I’ve had it every day since junior high. I weaned myself down to half a bottle (12 oz.) before this challenge started. You’d think that would be enough. Apparently not. I don't usually eat a lot of salt, and found salted nuts may help a little. I'm hanging in there, but it's hard.

I have just over 2 weeks to get comfortable enough in my Nike Free to run a 10 mile race. They are so different from the Kinvaras! I have done 2 short runs in them, and plan for another short run tomorrow. Then it’s long run Saturday, since we’re going out singing Saturday night. I will not make the same mistake as last time, and run on Sunday after staying out late and playing with alcohol. Yes, there will be alcohol involved. I haven’t figured out how to make it sugar free, but one way or another I will!


RoseRunner said...

people LOVE those Nike frees. I've never run in Nikes, but I'm beginning to become curious...although I don't like the Kinvaras at all. not for me. I like a more solid shoe.

I'm in awe of you for your sugar free plan. I eat a LOT of sugar. a lot. it would be a nightmare trying to wean myself off of it...

Andrew Opala said...

i find Nike's to be too narrow for my wide feet ... I've run in Asics and Mizunos only