June 1, 2011

Day 1 of the Sugar Free Challenge

A little over a week ago, Amanda at Run To The Finish proposed a 10-day Sugar Free challenge, which Superman and I accepted. Today was the first day of the challenge. For me, I have to cut out coffee creamer, diet soda, yogurt (both frozen and regular), candy, trail mix, salad dressing (including mayonnaise), and anything else that might have sugar. Those listed are just the things I eat normally.

I can’t drink coffee without creamer, and I can’t drink diet soda, so I have to find my caffeine elsewhere. I’ve been transitioning to iced tea, weaning myself down to a single soda a day in preparation. Today was the test.

I am tired! I don’t know if this is because of the caffeine or sugar deficit, but I will be going to bed early today.

Admittedly, it also may have to do with what I did today. I know it’s National Running Day, but I did not run. Instead, I got my bicycle from my house to Superman’s. That trip took an hour and 45 minutes, and looked like this:
bike route
13 miles, almost all uphill. This was the first time I had the bike out this year, and it was hard. We won’t talk about the guy who crowded me to the curb, yelling at me to get on the sidewalk. Instead, we’ll talk about how I only have one speed on the bike – asfastasIcan. That does not always translate into a speedy ride, but it does leave me huffing and puffing and tired at the end. Even more so because I did not have any sugar for fuel to convert to ready energy. That part of the challenge is going to be difficult.

Superman gave me a ride home on the motorcycle on his lunch hour (lucky guy works from home half the time!). I had some housework to take care of before getting my car in for an oil change. Then I headed back to Superman’s for dinner and another ride.

Last year, every Wednesday over the summer, Superman and I rode with his friends from the bike shop where he works (his 2nd job over the summer). The ride is usually 20 to 30 miles, in and out of the valley. This year’s first ride was posted on Facebook a few weeks ago, but it has been difficult finding time and the appropriate weather to get my bike across town. Apparently it’s also been difficult to get the rides organized. We showed up tonight and the shop owner was the only one there. The three of us saddled up and went for a short ride. It looked like this:
 bike route 2
10 miles, with admittedly easier elevation. I’m feeling the combination of rides at the moment. I’m also feeling shortchanged on caffeine, and probably sugar as well. I have successfully avoided sugar, though my main problem seems to be the soda I crave.

I went sugar free about 20 years ago, but it was not as strict and I was not active in the same ways I am now. I drank my diet cola. I just didn’t eat candy or deserts. This time, I’m curious to see if the iced tea makes a good soda substitute. How am I going to deal with karaoke night? How am I going to handle my long runs, and my upcoming race?

I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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misszippy said...

Nice run!! The coffee w/o creamer would be a really tough thing (or giving up coffee b/c of it!). Keep up the good work.