June 2, 2011

Blogger comments issue

Having lost one of my precious followers (now down to 16), I know this won't get very far. I saw someone the other day who is still having issues though, and I think that person visits at least periodically. Can't find the post now, so you all get the benefit of Still Running's discovery.

I followed Jamoosh's advice and changed my comments page to full page form placement. That should have fixed the issue on my page, at least. I know it worked for the spammers, but I guess that's a necessary evil when blogging. BTW, I wasn't able to add Jamoosh's new addy to my blogroll for some reason, and of course he's deleted his blogspot account (I totally would have left it for posterity, and because this is kind of a diary for me). If anyone has the address to his new digs, I'd appreciate a note.

So, how to fix the comments issue. I only had the issue for a day, but some people still can't leave comments. I don't know if this will work for everyone, but Barb at Still Running says it has to do with the "keep me signed in" box on your login page. If you uncheck it, you should be able to comment normally. Knowing my browser clears that box regularly, that could by why I didn't have any issues past the one day.

Go try it. Let me know if it works. I hope so!


Teamarcia said...

No problem commenting for me apparently, although Ive had that issue on other blogs. Sorry for your loss. Followers come and go but the best ones hang around! :D

Emz said...

okay - I was one who was having problems commenting so I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY with the change!!!! I'm with TEAMARCIA - the good ones stay.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Ok works for me. hmm I don't even know what the issue is/was.