June 26, 2011

Just another day in the neighborhood

I went for a walk today, and found this guy (girl?) down by the corner.
I'd startled him (I'm gonna call it a him) in the midst of a roadkill dinner. He flew up probably about 3 feet in front of me, across the street, and landed on the fence. I crossed over the get a few pictures.
 I got a bit closer...
 and closer ...
 and closer still...
Then he flew away. He swooped around the school yard at least twice, trying to find an updraft to carry him to safety.
 He found the updraft he wanted.
Can you even see him? He was huge, at least a 4 ft. wingspan. He circled around the intersection, obviously waiting for me to leave so he could finish his meal. I tried to take a few more pictures, but with the phone and in the sun, I had no luck.

I left him to his squirrel, and continued my walk.

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