June 22, 2011

New Race = New Training Plan

I try to work out a decent training plan for every new race. I have 2 months to prepare for the Perfect 10-Miler, so there is time for improvement, where running a race every month there is not. The new plan looks like this:

Swim 1 hr.
Run (Treadmill)
1 m. warmup, 1 m. goal pace (12:00), 1 m. faster than goal pace, 1 m. cooldown
Bike 10-30 miles

Run (Outside)
5-6 miles easy
Swim 1 hr.
Yoga 1 hr.
Run 10+ miles

I know it looks like I don't have any rest days, but neither swimming nor yoga are very strenuous. I mostly do breaststroke, and the goal is to keep moving for an hour without pounding my body. The yoga is on the Wii, and is more stretching than sweating. I'm looking forward to the cross-training, and hoping it will alleviate some of the issues I've had with hips and knees.

The long run will increase by one mile every week, until 2 weeks before the race. I may switch up the speed work some Tuesdays with incremental intervals (starting at 5mph, increasing to 5.1, 5.2, etc., with a slower 13mph break in between). The weekend before the race will be a 6-8 mile long run, and that week will have no speedwork. Both weekday runs will be reduced to 3-mile easy shake-out runs. 

That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it.

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