January 9, 2011

Will I ever learn?

I did something stupid today, and got lucky it didn't bite me in the behind. I walked 3/4 mile down to the store (not the stupid part). On the way, I focused on relaxing my hips, focused on my form and how best to place my feet (again, not the stupid part). The stupid part was when I decided I needed to try this form I was focusing on, in a jog. It was the slowest, ugliest, 50-lb-overweight, 43-year-old-woman-who-can't-run jog/shuffle imaginable. It also DID NOT HURT!!!

I only went a block. Less than a quarter mile. I was so lucky I didn't screw myself up, but again it's good to see light at the end of this tunnel. I am completely back to square one, where I started this time last year. I was out of breath almost immediately. My knee was sore by the time I made it home again, but not in a painful, I'll regret this tomorrow way. I feel I'm getting stronger.

The walk was a full mile and a half. What was that about moderation? Yeah. I ain't got none. Tomorrow I'm back at the pool for an hour and a half, then to my parent's for sanding and staining the bathroom woodwork. I've got a 2 mile walk in mind when I get back home, which can easily be shortened if necessary, as it's an out and back. In addition, I've made a mess of catfish and the fixings for fish tacos, and I have 2 spinach quiche in the oven (more spinach and cottage cheese than quiche). That will provide me with breakfast and dinner all week. I have leftover turkey soup in the freezer for the days I'm home for lunch, with fruit, yogurt, and avocados for snacks. It may sound boring to some, but my food plan works best when I have a schedule for the entire week.

I'm off to work on a paper, which is due no later than 2 am Tuesday morning.

Feeling positive...


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

* Good thoughts * Good thoughts *

Goose said...

Baby steps, glad you are on the mend.