January 28, 2011

Speaking of plans

I've been looking at beginner, 12-week couch-to-half-marathon plans, trying to find one I believe I can handle on my way to April 23rd's Cleveland 10-Miler. I realize a 12-week program does not really mean beginner, since you really have to be able to run a mile or two at the start to get anywhere close to 13.1 in that time frame. I have to wonder at some people's definition of beginner or novice, though.

This one, for instance, starts with a 3-miler. Skip a day, and then do 5. Skip a day, and then do 8. Really? This is a beginner training program?

This one starts with fartleks. 4 miles of fartleks, with a mile warm-up and a mile to cool down. For those non-runners reading this, fartleks are a training session that incorporates speed, alternating with an easy pace that allows recovery before the next effort. So basically, you're running a mile to warm up, 4 miles incorporating some level of sprint, and then a mile to cool down. 6 miles, the first run. This is not my idea of a beginner plan.

I finally decided on this plan.

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 2 2 20 min cross 2 rest 3 rest 9 mi total
2 3 2 20 min cross 3 rest 3.5 rest 11.5 mi total
3 3 3 20 min cross 4 rest 4 rest 14 mi total
4 2 3 20 min cross 2 rest 3 rest 10 mi total
5 4 3 20 min cross 5 rest 5 rest 17 mi total
6 4 4 20 min cross 5 rest 7 rest 20 mi total
7 5 4 20 min cross 5 rest 9 rest 23 mi total
8 6 4 20 min cross 6 rest 10 rest 26 mi total
9 5 4 20 min cross 5 rest 11 rest 25 mi total
10 4 2 20 min cross 4 rest 7 rest 17 mi total
11 4 0 20 min cross 3 2 0 race 9 mi total

It's actually an 11-week plan. This is perfect, since I miscalculated and really only have 11 weeks until my race. It starts out with several 2 mile runs the first week. I can run 2 miles. I will continue with my swimming classes 3x a week. I will take a yoga class on Tuesdays, which is also a run day. Cross-training will be core work. I really need to work on my core.

The race is only 10 miles, but a 13.1 mile plan will make those 10 miles easier. It will also make the Cleveland Half Marathon on May 15th that much easier. I will take a week off, then do week 10 and 11 again. By then I hope to have a June race on the books, a July one, and maybe an August race as well. My preference is a race a month. A race every 2 months would work, too. As long as I don't have enough time to stop training before my next race, I'm good.

That's the plan.


Andrew Opala said...

I like that idea. The easier you can make a race in your mind - the easier the race will be in reality.

Drop my coach an email. You can find the address at Run With Jill - she might be able to give you some guidance.

Rose said...

I agree that some of the novice training plans out there are ridiculous.