January 8, 2011

It's working! (is it working?) It's working!!

Just over 2 months of progressively less and less movement. 2 classes of water aerobics. I am not back to normal, but I was able to walk a mile comfortably at my old pace today. This is not magic. I knew all along I needed to move to feel better, but every time I tried to move I hurt my knee again. The water classes are definitely working, allowing me to move without straining my knee.

Now that I can walk, I need to get out and walk. 1 mile a day until that mile is completely pain free, then adding distance slowly. As much as I want to be back up to speed and distance, I've learned my lesson about pushing this particular injury. Pushing will only set me back. I will not even attempt to run until I have a completely pain free day. Even then the run will start slow. Slow and short.

Lots of thoughts bouncing around my brain tonight. Sitting over the holidays has made my waistline uncomfortably tight, and the added weight isn't good for my knee either. I've been in binge mode ever since Thanksgiving, without my usual January fast. It's time to start planning my meals again. It's past time. I'm a grazer, and when given free reign will eat the wrong foods all day long.

I'm starting to feel like me again. Time to start taking care of me again.

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