January 24, 2011


Two weeks ago, I received an email from the coordinator at Run With Your Heart Trail Challenge, which I am signed up to run on February 13th. I am unable to run, of course, because of my knee, so responded in the form requested in the email with an offer to volunteer. Superman also thought it would be a good idea to give a little back, and volunteered. We both have offered to stand outside for several hours in the cold and snow, two weeks from now.

We haven't heard anything from this woman. No idea if she's received our emails, or what the plan might be. I realize the race is two full weeks away, so there is time. I'm just a bit curious. Is this normal?

This is my first time volunteering for a race, and I realize putting one on must be something of a logistic nightmare. I can see people volunteering though, and when they don't hear anything, making other plans. Does this happen?

I just found out today Monkey Boy is coming home from Germany on leave, February 8th. His racing debut was at the River Run half this past September, after which he suggested he would leave racing to the runners. He told me a few weeks ago he might start training for a marathon! I doubt he's ready to take my place in the Trail Challenge, though. I also doubt he'll want to spend part of his leave standing out in the snow watching other people run.

I'm not welching. I volunteered, I've marked my calendar and I plan to be on the trails February 13th. Providing I knew which trail to be on, and what time to be there. Monkey Boy will probably want to sleep in anyway, after staying up all night visiting with his friends.

The knee is healing. I still get pains, but they are not nearly as sharp, nor do the effects last as long. Yesterday was a good stair day, today not so much. I'm contemplating running the Suck it Up Buttercup virtual 5K in the pool. Either that or breaking it up into a mile a day. That would guarantee me last place finish (which I still think there should be a prize for. At least a title!). I need to choose soon, as time is running out.

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