January 5, 2011

Baby steps, and getting up again

Ninja and I were approved for a scholarship at the YMCA Monday, and I took my first pool class today. I arrived about 15 minutes early and did slow laps until the class was supposed to start. The regular instructor is apparently having some medical issues, and the sub was a little late. The Pussy Posse (as Beth at SUAR calls them) encouraged everyone to start without her, so we were jogging short laps by the time the instructor showed up. I like these women. They are here to move.

I decided before going in that I would work through whatever issues I encountered, as this feels like my last chance to get back on my feet. It appears all of my tendons are affected by whatever is going on with my knee. I feel the arthritis in my hip and lower back daily, but it's more discomfort than outright pain, and the knee is not as bad as it was. I am no longer taking ibuprofen regularly, as the inflammation is gone. Stairs are still uncomfortable, and an attempt at a 2 mile walk the other day was aborted, but the 24/7 pain is gone.

During my warmup I felt pain in the hamstring tendon behind my knee. This is what stopped my walk the other day. I reduced my range of movement, and the pain subsided.

My quad tendon and Iliotibial band also tend to give me issue, right around the knee

It was good to move, and while I had to be careful a few times, I had no real problems beyond the warmup pain. This is definitely a low-impact workout, but as with all workouts you get out what you put in. I feel my arms as I type this, and I know I will feel them more tomorrow. I felt my trunk during some of the exercises. These are areas I tend to neglect, so it's good to give them some attention.

Because I feel I'm reasonably fit, even after sitting on my arse for the better part of 2 months,
I chose to use the barbells and to push the routine.
After the water aerobics, I stayed for the water jogging. Turns out this class is the same, just in the deep end with a belt. The same instructor does both, and the sub was unfamiliar with the class. There was a list of exercises posted on the wall, so we followed those as best we could. It was just the sub and myself, for some reason. I cut the exercises short to do some stretching, which felt wonderful.

Overall I spent an hour and a half moving in the pool, before heading to my parent's to pull a toilet and pour cement to fix the bathroom floor. I may just be hopeful, but it feels like stairs are easier. That is the first big test, before distance walking and ultimately running again.

I will miss tomorrow's yoga class, due to an eye appointment, but will be back Friday for more water adventures. I also have plans to use the weight room. They have a contraption on which one does reverse sit-ups, which I like to play with. They also have Pilates balls, on which I love to stretch.

These are, for me, baby steps. I will get back on my feet. This will not keep me down. How does that song go again?


misszippy said...

Good for you to enjoy a class like that! Or two, I should say--that adds up to some good cardio, I'm sure. Good luck getting back to normal.

Goose said...

Those classes sound great. Hope you're on the way to pain free.

Emz said...

YAY for classes - I am finally starting to enjoy them. Love the youtube clip.