April 24, 2012

I am insane

Doing the Insanity program, along with running and biking, is insane.

Who besides me didn't see this coming? As usual, I dove in all gung ho with a totally unrealistic plan that my schedule and body simply cannot handle. I can't do a half hour to 45 minute run, 45 minute video, and hour to 2 hour ride in the same day. I don't have the time, and it leaves me with no energy for anything else (like studying). Besides that, my body complains with more than just aches and fatigue. I took Sunday and Monday off from everything, in part because my knee hurt again.

Doing the Insanity program helped my runs.

While the program I've been attempting the last week is crazy, I also believe cross training with core and upper body work helped my runs. Either that, or it was the slower pace because my body was so tired. Maybe it was the stretching, which every Insanity video does twice. One way or another, I felt I could run for more days in a row than I have been lately.

So here's the newest plan:

     On the days I bike, I will also run.

     On the days I do not bike, I will do a core workout.

     On the days I do not bike, but do run, I will run farther than 3 miles.

     On the days I do any workout, I will also stretch.

     I will take one day a week off from all workouts.

Dr. J said she might send me a yoga DVD that only has one downward dog. I love yoga, but for some reason since my thyroid started acting up, downward dog gives me a migraine. I can feel it starting pretty much as soon as I get into the position, and it's put me in the emergency room. Not good, and I won't go there. One way or another though, I need to set up a regular stretching routine.

I also need to get back on track with my running goals. I dropped down to 3 miles a day when I was trying to run every single day, but my body doesn't like no days off. To run 1K miles in a year though, I need to run 3 miles every single day. Ergo, if I'm taking days off from running, I need to run more than 3 miles on the days I do run. It's time to start bumping my mileage.

I will probably still use the Insanity program for my core workout, and the occassional cardio when I'm not running. I do like the workouts, and I do like the idea of 2-a-days. I also like the idea of being able to do pushups again. I used to be able to knock out a decent number of good, deep pushups. 

We'll see how this plan works. If need be, I'll tweak it again. What I do know is there will be a plan. There will always be a plan.

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