May 22, 2012

Welcome to my headbone

6:55 AM "Eh, 5 more minutes."
"Or maybe an hour. I'm not entirely sure I'm actually getting up early to run today..."

7:00 AM "Ok, I outsmarted myself. The alarm is going off in the living room." 
"I have to get up."
"Guess I'm getting up."
7:05 AM "Coffee! I need coffee!"
8:00 AM Text to Superman: "Up at 7. It's now 8 and I still haven't run."
8:01 AM Superman calls
"At least I'm dressed to run. Well, except for my shoes..."
8:30 AM "I'll head out to run at 9:00"
"My heart is racing again. Better take my thyroid meds."
"That's at least 3 days in a row now..."
8:40 AM "Huh. My hip and knee still aren't happy."
8:45 AM "At least I should get some core work in." 
30 crunches and 30 reverse crunches on the pilates ball later...
"Maybe I won't run today."
"No! I have to run today. I haven't run in a week."
"I won't take the heart rate monitor. No pushing. Just get 'er done."
8:59 AM "My iPhone's battery is dead?!? Guess I'm not heading out quite yet..."
10:00 AM  "Finally heading out the door! Oh, what a nice cool breeze."
Mile 1 "Relax the hips. Relax the calves. Relax the hips. Relax the calves."
"Man my legs are heavy! Stupid thyroid does it every time."
Mile 2 "Wow it got hot quick! Wish I'd gotten out the door at 7 like I planned."
"Walking a lot, but that's ok. It's about the distance, not the time."
"Maybe I'll do a mile of bounding after my 3."
"Relax the hips. Relax the calves. Relax the hips. Relax the calves."
Mile 3 "Stupid hip."
"Maybe if I do the bounding, my hip will feel better."
"Maybe I won't do another mile of bounding."
"And 3. Oof! That sucked. Not unexpected though. At least it's done."
"So, do I run or do the treadmill tomorrow before riding to my Moms?"

When I got home I saw I had a voicemail. I have an interview with Target Wednesday morning. It's sad how excited I am over the potential for a part-time, minimum wage job. I'm pretty sure I put that my preference is the 3am-9am shift, too. Theoretically that will allow me to interview for other positions without interfering with this one. So now I'm dreaming of getting my running in at midnight, when it's cooler out. I'm planning how to save, how to cover all my bills and expenses. Maybe I can ride my bike to work. It's just over 9 miles, which is about what I ride to my Mom's. I'd have to get lights or a reflective vest or something.

I have to get the job first.

I've put in maybe 50 applications in the last several days alone. That means I've read through probably 200 job ads. I've rewritten my resume at least twice, then tweaked and tailored my cover letter for each position and company. From what I understand, this could very well be just for those companies to get my resume in their database. There is a very good possibility at least half the jobs I applied for don't actually exist, or are still being refined, or may never be filled. Entry level now means at least 3 years experience. It's very frustrating, and equally terrifying. 

Obviously, I'm not just focusing on IT jobs either. I'm not getting responses for the admin positions I'm applying for, even though I have 20 years of experience. I ran into a job site Friday that wouldn't even let me submit without a current position. I added Cooper Consulting for any IT help I've given, and Cooper Renovations for the work at my parents'. That actually was sustaining, for a half a minute.  

I know eventually I'll find something. I have no choice but to keep looking until I do. It's just a horrible, horrible time to change careers, to have no experience, to have been out of work for any length of time. 

I'm off to bed. 7am comes early, and I really do hope to hit the pavement before it heats up again. 

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