May 3, 2012

No Subject

Apparently Blogger won't let me title a post no subject with the brackets like an email. Boo!

The kitchen, she is done.

Well, almost. I still have a few punch list items, like the cupboard by the stove that doesn't close right and the marks on the cupboard doors where the paint stuck them together. I also have a strip of tile to lay along the countertops. Eventually I'll have island doors to prime and paint as well. Nothing, really, considering where I started.

The dining room is almost done as well. You'll get pictures Tuesday, once I've cleaned and put everything back where it belongs.
I've successfully replaced 90% of my driving with the bike. In related news, I've only run about 1 mile over the past week. I screwed up my back leaning over the bike handlebars for too long on a 13 mile trip. I specifically have a commuter bike because I need to sit up straight the majority of the time. Guess I forgot that in the midst of my "going as fast as I can" mindset.

It's all in my head. Another reason I haven't run is the allergies that slayed me over the last 2 weeks. Even medicated, I wanted to just take my eyeballs out and pack them away somewhere until whatever it is I'm allergic to went away. Itchy eyes and a general fatigue = not wanting to do much of anything but eat and sleep. So that's what I did. Note to self: I've told you before eating a butt-ton of sugary stuff will not give you the energy you seem to think it will. It will just make you more tired.

I never listen to me.

Coming soon: Why I bombed my first job interview, and how I can do better next time!

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