May 8, 2012

Spring Surprises

The garden, she is blooming! It rained all night, so I decided this morning was the perfect time to weed and take stock.
the irises are blooming!
I will defnitely have more than one bunch of grapes this year,
providing I can beat out the birds and neighborhood kids, that is!
The strawberry patch is growing like gangbusters!
I actually found a handful of ripe ones.
I took a picture before I ate them, but it came out blurry.
My raspberry patch.
Last fall this was one lone stalk, tied up because it didn't look healthy at all.
I figured weeding was the perfect time to practice my Third World Squat. Lo and behold, it appears I no longer need to "practice!" I plopped down into a squat and weeded away to my heart's content. Sure, I had to get up out of it every few minutes. Yes, I felt the stretch in both my hips and calves. However, it was not  uncomfortable. My feet were flat on the ground and I was not leaning precariously forward. I didn't expect this level of comfort for a month or more!

After weeding I biked to my Mom's, pushing it the whole way. This was my "sweat today." I thought about wearing the heart monitor, but chose not. I probably will wear it Thursday, just to see where I'm at on the bike. I'm working on a post about the heart rate monitor, but that's for another day.

At my Mom's this happened:

I still have to put the stuff back on the walls, and there's a single punch list item (an outlet that's too far into the wall - I can't put a plate on it the way it is). I'm painting all radiator boxes after the living room is done, so that as well. Otherwise, the dining room is done.

This happened too:

This is tinted primer, left over from painting my niece's room. Note to Mr. Math: there is still at least half a gallon left!

Can we talk about tinted primer for a minute? This is the newest thing, and I for one am not a fan. If you use white primer, it blends with ceiling and trim paint so you don't see if you're not exactly perfect in applying color. This, you have to be perfect. I'm convinced it's just the paint companies finally figuring out a way to sell more paint. You can't use the primer anywhere else, if it's tinted for a particular room. That is the boat Mr. Math found himself in, after purchasing far too much primer for the job at hand. Luckily for my Mom, this primer was at least close to what she's using. The room will be pink/mauve when we're done, obviously with lavender undertones from the primer. As she says, free is a good color.

I was able to do third world squats throughout the day, up and down and up and down, cleaning chair and table legs, then painting. I was up and down and up and down the ladder as well. Then I booked it home on the bike as fast as I could. My legs are tired! It's a good thing, though.

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