May 23, 2012


It doesn't take much to turn my headspace around. I had a phone interview yesterday with a software company looking for a help desk associate. I think it went well. I certainly didn't hang up the phone thinking "I wouldn't hire me" the way I did with the Progressive interview. I only had one cringe-worthy bit, and that I think I recovered from well enough. I spent the rest of the day dreaming about what it would be like to work there. I could ride my bike from Superman's. It's too far to ride to and from my place in a single day (yet), but if I had a bike rack I could drive my bike there, ride home, then ride back the next day. I should have an answer within the week on whether I move on to the next round of interviews.

Yesterday's run was better, too. Amazing what a difference 10 degrees makes. Not that I didn't walk. One 3-mile run a week for 4 weeks = quite a bit of lost fitness to recover. I'll take a full minute per mile faster than Monday's run though.

This morning I had the interview at Target. Turns out it's for a sales associate position, not the 3-9 am restocking position. This one could be either mornings, evenings, or a combination of both. Actually, being low person on the totem pole, it will probably be evenings/weekends. I don't really know how the interview went. I was frank and honest. Why do I want to work at Target? Because I need a job. Do I have any experience? Yes, but I got it a lifetime ago. I talked about being an admin. I talked about teaching myself a computer programming language. I told them I could work any time doing any job, but that might change to only being available nights and weekends. Maybe. She didn't write that part down. I expect they realize I won't be making a career at Target. What I'm not sure about is whether they care. I should find out about that within the week as well. Then there's the drug screening, so I can't expect to actually work for at least two weeks, and probably a month before I bring home a paycheck.

After the interview I went to sign papers that will hopefully give me mortgage assistance. That process will take at least a month as well, and could take longer if I actually get a job in the interim. The assistance runs the gamut from paying my mortgage in full for 15 months, to contributing an unspecified amount every month. That is if I'm approved, which apparently is LESS likely because I actually need the help. If I were working my chances would improve. I don't pretend to understand. I just sign on the dotted line and hope.

When I got home I had an email inviting me to a cattle call style interview "session." The timing on this made me smile, because it's for a quality assurance position. I literally just talked to Dr. J today about what her husband does, and it turns out he's a QA. I'd asked her to send me a copy of his resume, to see what his skill set looked like, and I talked with him this evening about what it's like being a QA. I don't remember applying for this job, which is a longer drive than I would usually consider. Superman thinks one of the headhunter agencies he's been talking with submitted it without telling me. I've put in so many applications over the last few months, I suppose it's possible I lost my head and decided to apply anywhere this side of the Mason-Dixon line. Regardless, I am going to the interview this coming Tuesday. A job is a job, and if it's in IT I can parlay that into a better one later. Maybe I'll start getting books on tape or some such for the commute.

I didn't run today, but I did spend an hour and a half on the bike. Part of that was spent answering interview questions in my head. Part was spent daydreaming about having access to a free gym at work. Today's email is from a software company that boasts about being one of the best places in the area to work (in 2010). I immediately convinced myself that meant they have a gym, and started daydreaming about running and working out at lunch and after work. Traffic wouldn't be a consideration if I stayed an hour or more later in the evening to work out...

This is totally what I feel like today.
Euphorically terrified

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