September 25, 2010

Who knew?

Who knew I would be crying through Thursday, only to have the waterworks shut off like a switch when I heard Monkey Boy made it to Germany in one piece?   
This is where he'll be stationed for the next 3 years.
This is what his office looks like
His ride to base was at 120mph on the Autobahn.  He’s seen several little villages of 6 to 10 houses with red clay roofs, each village with a church in the center.  He is 45 minutes from France, 3 hours from Paris, and is looking forward to taking the train through the countryside.  He will have a cell phone, and a phone with free international calling in his dorm by Monday.  All is once again right in my world.

Who knew I would end up helping my Dad repair some of the damage I did to his house, all those years ago?
  I'm learning about mudding and painting.  I’m enjoying the time with him (and my mother), and the nostalgia.  Oh yeah, we used to store the Easter baskets in that little closet!  They were the only things that would fit in that small space.  And yes, we did climb out the dormer and bathroom windows to sunbathe on the roof.  I’d forgotten about throwing our shoes down the stairwell to turn the light off…

Who knew I only have 2 speeds on a bicycle:  dead stop and as-fast-as-I-can-go?  I decided to ride up the park hill to my Dad’s today.  Superman can go up the hill and make it 13 miles to his house in an hour.  I huffed and puffed it up the hill, hitting the 11 miles to my Dad’s in about 1:15.  The downhill trip home took about 45 minutes.  I'm always searching for the highest gear I can tolerate without burning my legs out immediately.  You should have seen me on the stairs after, though!

Who knew I'd actually wise up and, remembering I have a long run to do this weekend, decide NOT to bicycle an additional 13 miles to Superman's after the 22 miles to and from my Dad's?  I am learning that I set myself up to fail.  So far this week I have run 4.5 miles, rock climbed, walked 8.5 miles (uphill BOTH ways!) and biked 22 miles.  Tomorrow is a rest day before the long run Sunday.  I’m opting for 11 miles instead of 13, because it will be up the park hill.  I’ll be testing my newest theory, that maybe I’m crashing in the 2nd half because I’m not fueling early enough. <fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed>

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