September 15, 2010

One tired puppy

I'm not quite sure where yesterday went...

I started the day at my interview with the Qdoba restaurants' owner.  I met him at his house, because his office is in the basement.  Granted they are getting ready to move, but it's that small of a shop.  The interview itself went well.  What was supposed to be 10 minutes turned into an hour.  The owner guy, before even exchanging notes with the other person who interviewed me, told me to expect a call-back for the next round of interviews.  He also told me if they somehow missed calling me by Friday, I should call them.  All very positive for a job I'm honestly not certain I want.  I'm accustomed to a large firm, and this is such a small shop... it would only be me and one other person in the office full time.  Lord help me if it turns out we are incompatible.  I'm also afraid I would be bored with just one assignment.  That's not even considering the pay scale.  At the same time, I don't feel I can turn it down if offered the position.  I spent last night furiously filling out applications, hoping something better will come calling.

After the interview, Craig and I went grocery shopping.  I said I wasn't going to touch the unemployment $$ until I was sure my old job isn't appealing the award, and I didn't.  At the same time, it was nice to shop for groceries without wondering if I could afford to buy groceries next week.  This unemployment thing is a first since my high school days, and even when I think I have a handle on it, it sometimes still freaks me out.  

After groceries, I was supposed to write a paper.  Well, originally it wasn't mine to write.  It's part of the group project at school, and each of the people in the group was supposed to write a section.  I did mine the first week, because no one else stepped forward.  Halfway through the second week I finally got people to volunteer for the remaining sections.  The girl who was supposed to write this past week's section popped on the site early evening on the day it was due, and said she couldn't.  Nice of her to give us notice.  I told the rest of the group I would throw something together the next day (yesterday) if no one else could pick it up.  Of course no one else picked it up.  I guess I'm burned out on writing in this class, because I spent over an hour looking at the assignment and couldn't get past the title page.  It was so close to my individual assignment, I finally just suggested we take what we have and each pull from our individual assignments to finish.  I volunteered to take the last day, so I can have the last word.  At least that way I know all the requirements will be covered, even if I have to write them all myself.  I also plan to do the presentation, if the same girl who now says she'll do that as her contribution, bails again.

Somewhere in the middle of that hour I spent looking at the assignment, I went out for a run.  I did not expect it to go well, being stiff and sore yet from Sunday, but ran comfortably for 2.5 miles.  I walked the remaining half mile home and felt good about the run, wondering if the newer shoes were why it went so well.

I did not run today.  I still feel Sunday, and I don't want to overdo as I plan another long run this weekend.  I spent about 4 hours on my feet at my Dad's prepping the attic for tomorrow's primer job, then walked around a bit while Ninja got his 2nd tattoo (a matching set, with conji for War and Peace).  
Monkey boy and I are scheduled to get tattoos Saturday.  Monkey Boy will have one he got in Arkansas "improved," and I will get wings on my feet.  Well, a set of tribal wings around one ankle anyway.  I want a different set of wings around the other ankle, but that won't happen for a while.  

Off to fight with more homework.  I am so glad this is the last week of this class!

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