March 4, 2021

How Does This Thing Work Again?

Things have slowed down some at work, and I'm a bit burned out. Both of those combined = I am not working as much overtime. Yet somehow, I still can't seem to find time for the things I enjoy.

Part of this is because I switched guilds on World of Warcraft. We're trying to build the new guild, and I'm signed up to run something or other every weeknight. It wasn't supposed to be that way, but somehow right now it is. So I leave work either on time or half an hour past time, get home, take care of dishes and/or laundry, then hop on the game. My evening is officially shot.

The other end of the spectrum is before work. I've been doing pretty well lately with the hybrid workout schedule. Of course I can't stick to anything to save my life, so I've changed the schedule a bit. I'm no longer doing Jillian on Mondays, nor TurboFire on Fridays. I was not comfortable "showing my  moves" at the work gym, and I was not getting out of Jillian what I wanted. Also, I missed running.

The schedule now is Monday/Friday run, Tuesday P90X, Wednesday Insanity, Thursday core work of some sort, Saturday Yoga. I've only hit all 6 days once, this past week. This week I missed Monday's run because I decided Sunday's rest day was a good time to rake all the little acorns out of my yard. Not restful.

I've also been looking at my diet again. My auto-immune disease has flared up, and I am not at all interested in having my thyroid removed, so I'm trying to manage the situation with diet and exercise. I did not have to take my medication when I was running regularly, thus the increased runs in my schedule. I also have gone gluten free, and just this week sugar free. I did well on the sugar free diet last time. Now I just have to figure out how to maintain it for the long haul.

Obviously, another thing I missed was writing. I'm hoping to be back here somewhat regularly. As always, we'll see what happens.

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