January 1, 2013

Yeah yeah yeah...

I'm not a big fan of resolutions. I'm even a bit hesitant about goals, but at least those aren't contingent on a calendar date arbitrarily mandated by a papul bull in the late 1500's.

That said, there are a few things I would like to see happen this year.

1. Work out more days than not.  I am highly amused by the fact I've acquired the following workout video series: Jillian Micheal's Body Revolution, P90X, Insanity, Les Mills Combat, and TurboFire. I am even more amused by the fact I combined them all into a year's worth of workouts. One series per day, something like this:

Add in the Yoga class Superman and I found on Groupon and an hour long run on the weekends, and I have over a year's worth of workouts planned. I'm not likely to get bored, and really all I have to do is show up. Shouldn't be that difficult. right?

2. Gluten Free.  I've been reading Wheat Belly, and while I have an awful lot of raised eyebrow at the sweeping statements and high drama (the author practically says going wheat free will cure cancer) there is enough science and testimonials to make me at least consider the benefits. Turns out I'm kind of addicted to gluten/wheat. I thought it was sugar, but going off gluten for over 2 weeks, then going back on, I see the difference. There is also the possibility it affects my allergies, though that one is harder to pinpoint cause.

So, gluten free as much as possible. We eat out somewhat regularly, and gluten free at restaurants is almost impossible and I refuse to obsess overmuch about this. I will refrain from ordering tings I know will contain gluten, but if my steak comes with an onion ring on top, I'll just take the onion ring off and give it to Superman. I won't send the steak back because contact with gluten may transfer some. I'm not celiac and I don't have to be THAT careful.

Sugar free would be nice too, but I know myself too well. I can't make sweeping changes successful, and I have a sweet tooth the size of the grand canyon.

3. Rediscovery my creativity. I have plans for this, including a return to blogging, but the biggest problem is finding time. I'm a big fan of lists, and currently have multiple calendars to keep track of workouts, what I need to do to make those happen, and when I have a little extra time. I'm still working long hours. I'm still playing WoW and raiding twice a week. Those aren't likely to change any time soon, so I have to make time elsewhere. I have nights I don't raid, and I have weekends.

None of these are new ideas. Well, gluten free maybe, but not if you count it as "eating better." None if it is anything I'm not working on all the time, every day, regardless of new or old years. I say that, but I still keep coming back to Aurther's take: "Re" means "again" ... and "solution" means "something you thought you already fixed."

Maybe I do believe in resolutions after all.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope it's a stellar one for all.

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BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Happy New Years!!

ps. Do you know your twitter got hacked?