November 11, 2011

Well boo! 8-(

I got all excited this morning when I realized my Daily Mile widget said I'd run over 700 miles this year. "I could actually hit the 1K mark!" I thought. "But wait..." I thought. "I haven't really been running that much. I thought the 1K mark would be harder to hit..."

Apparently it is. I just took all the cycling miles out, because really I'm fine with having those in as times instead of distances. Because really all I'm interested in is how far I've run. For some reason, while I can chart how far I've run and click through for a "last 12 months" total, I can't get a total for just this year that doesn't include riding and walking.
Like how I saved you the trouble of simply looking to your left?
This is where I am now. Turns out I'm only half way to the 1K mark, and this total includes walking. I started to take that out too, but some of those walks were 5 miles and more. It's not likely I'll hit 1K this year, which makes me a little sad. I didn't realize until today, when I thought I was close, that it was a goal of mine.

Does anyone know of a better site to log these things, where I can parse out the totals I want? I've been frustrated with Daily Mile for a while, but haven't found anything better.


Pigeon said...

Take a look at this sight, it might work for you. Strands Fitness

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

:( well that sucks.
If I can't stay injury free I'll never hit 1,000 miles either. :(