November 9, 2011

Rewind and reset

My training plan went out the window a month ago. Since then I've been feeding my sorrows and pain, and not moving. Wallowing. Yes, I cut myself some slack considering the circumstances, but still. I'm not liking myself very much on this path, so it's time to change. Even when I was healthy, I wasn't following the plan I drew up, so it's time for a new plan.
This should actually read Plan C or D...
I still haven't decided which marathon I will run, though it looks like the Vegas Really Big Free Marathon is closed already. I refuse to pay for entry until I know I can pay to get there, and that probably won't happen for several months, even if they open a few more blocks of entries. That leaves the Towpath Marathon, which I've run the half of twice. It has also been suggested I run the Columbus Marathon, which is 2 weeks after the Towpath. I've put both those on the calendar and will decide closer to the date.  

My butt/hip/piriformis/ITB is a problem yet, which is also why my training is currently nonexistent. I am stretching, but to this point not strengthening. With that in mind, I've added weight training 2x a week.

I had 2 days of cross training on my previous schedule, but I never did them. This is not good, as cross training will also help strengthen areas that currently cause me problems. The new schedule has one day of swimming and one day of stationary bike, both followed by the weight training. I'm hoping doubling up will give me incentive, as I'm less inclined to be willing to beat myself up over missing a double workout. There's also the whole "as long as I'm here" mentality helping to keep me honest. 

I still want to do speedwork and hillwork, but I was overly ambitious with them on my previous plan. I've reduced the speedwork to a single day per week, with hill work incorporated into the plan every 4th week.

I also still like the idea of doing my long run on "tired" legs, to emulate the latter half of a marathon. I may have overdone this concept in my earlier plan though. I've altered the plan to include a shorter "tire the legs" run on Saturdays. The long run schedule had to change as well. Before I had multiple weeks of an ever increasing distance, with a 10-miler every 4th week. I've revamped it to alternate the same ever increasing long run with a 10-miler every other week, to give my body more time to regroup.

I've built 2 rest days per week into this plan. I was taking them anyway, so figured I should just own the fact I can't work out 6 days per week at the intensity I want, without hurting myself.

The new Plan:


misszippy said...

Wow--you've put lots of thought into it. Looks like a good, solid approach. The crosstraining is always good, especially when your legs are tired, to loosen up.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

This looks like an excellent and well thought out plan.

And I always approve of cross training.