August 16, 2011

So I'm thinking about a marathon

Actually, I've been thinking about a marathon for a while. That's why I decided to do the virtual marathon. In fact, I think I started talking about a 2012 fall marathon somewhere near the beginning of 2011. Then I found the REALLY BIG FREE MARATHON, and decided that would be the one. If only I can afford to get to Vegas with enough lead time to actually get a hotel for this event, which may or may not happen given my current situation. My #2 choice is the Towpath Marathon here in beautiful Northeast Ohio. I'd really rather go to Vegas though.

This leads into the conversation Superman and I had while I was busy cranking out the speed at the Perfect 10 Miler (I'm still waiting for pictures and will post them when I can). When I realized I might have a chance to PR, I told Superman I needed to start bumping mileage. If I can run 13 the weekend before, then 7 two days before, then PR, maybe mileage is good for me.

My next race is the Towpath Half Marathon in early October, so I have plenty of time to get better at the half marathon distance. What I'm thinking is to start training toward the marathon distance now. I'll work out a plan that puts a half right in the Towpath timeframe. I'll find or create one that builds the mileage slowly, and that will incorporate the swimming and biking I've been doing. I'm not making the same mistakes I made last year, where I bumped the mileage too quickly without the appropriate base fitness. My base fitness is definitely improved, but I am not setting myself up for failure again.

I'm thinking something like this to get to the half marathon:

* Bounding = exaggerated running motion focusing on foot push-off and air time. On the track, I would bound on the straightaway, then jog around the turns

**Sprints = 100 yard distance. I accelerate to full speed by the halfway point, then sprint to the end and walk back 

Of course, there will be biking in there somewhere as well, providing the weather and sunlight permit. Maybe Yoga and weight-lifting too. I'll have to make some adjustments through the winter for exercises like the hill repeats. I also will make adjustments for things like karaoke, as I learned my lesson on attempting a long run the day after going out to play.

I'm working out the remainder of a marathon plan that will have me running the marathon distance on a regular basis, so it doesn't kill me to run one in a race atmosphere. Because it spans over a year, and because I know you want to see it, I'll add another page to my blog for the marathon training plan.

Right now I'm heading over to my parents, to get started fixing the holes the electrician cut into most of the walls. I took a week hiatus because he was working, and because Monkey Boy has been home. Now it's back at it. I'll have pictures of the work to be done, and possibly some of the work that gets done.

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misszippy said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. I'm sure you can get there for the 1/2, as well as the full. One of these days I'll get back to my old stomping grounds there in NE Ohio and run a race there!