August 30, 2011

Catching up

I'm still working on feeling better. I hoped to go out for a run on Sunday, but this cold has settled into my chest and I'm still coughing up nastiness. I'm wondering now, after a week of no exercise, exactly how long should I wait? How well is well enough?

I'm back to normal activities otherwise. Sunday we went raspberry picking. Unfortunately, my phone did not do the light justice. It was georgous.
I don't know why, but it seems every time we go fruit picking there is a group of people speaking a language other than English. This time the group spoke an oriental language, though I don't know which one. The children spoke in a smattering of both that language and perfect English. My favorite line overheard was a small boy, who wanted a raspberry as big as a house so he could go inside and eat. James and the Giant Raspberry?

Yesterday I was back at my parents'. The electrician is done, and we are now fixing all the holes he left. I finished putting up wallboard on the 2nd floor to ensure the walls meet the floor on the outside walls. This is so my Dad can have insulation blown in before it gets cold out.
This is the Drywall Guy, finishing up the kitchen ceiling. My siblings will appreciate this picture, as that particular portion of the ceiling has been... problematic... for about 30 years. Apparently the fan above the window was also an issue, taking about as much time to replace as the entire ceiling. I'm glad that wasn't my job to do.

My job, when I'm done fixing all the holes the electrician left, will be to treat the bedroom ceilings in the same manner the Drywall Guy did the kitchen ceiling. I watched him for a good while yesterday, to see how it's done. 

Today I'll mud the wallboard I put up yesterday, then put the baseboards back. I'll also patch the rest of the holes left by the electrician. Tomorrow I'm off spending time getting to know Ninja's girlfriend Penguin (that's what he calls her. I hope he doesn't mind if I borrow the name). Thursday I'll be climbing all over the outside of the house, running cable wire everywhere my Dad wants access. With all that done, the insulation can be blown in as early as Friday.

Then it's back to business as usual, finishing up the 2nd floor bedrooms.

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Artful Excursions said...

The ceiling looks amazing and.. solid! Anything else done to that room is just bonus, and I know there's still lots planned! :)